Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals @ Geneva Arena, Genève (Suisse)

by Yome NetSan dimanche 9 novembre 2003

Whipping Boy*
Dont’ Take That Attitude To Your Grave*
Show Me a Little Shame
Brown Eyed Blues**
Temporary Remedy
Ground On Down
Excuse Me Mr#
When She Believes
Sexual Healing/Let’s Get It On##
Steal My Kisses**

Walk Away
Widow Of A Living Man
I Shall Not Walk Alone

Burn One Down*
Diamonds On The Inside
Amen Omen


First words : What a great show !
The Geneva Arena was full (8000 folks) and everyone seems to enjoy the show.
Waow, i never thought that the fact Ben is standing up instead of stitting changed so much ! Such energy ! The boys act even more like a band than before. There were also more communication with the band and the audience, at least more than the 2 previous show i attended (Geneva Arena 2000-04-15 & Eurockéennes Belfort 2002-07-07). Ben was very chatty and it was fun. He had also a comment about the fact that it was "the smokiest night". Indeed, it was "smoky, smoky, smoky" ! Here is the setlist, but it may be incomplete and out of order, that’s why i didn’t post it in the setlist part of this site. Phish fans will recognise the * and # things...

I’d like to thank the audience for being pretty quiet (at least much more quiet than the 1st time in the Arena). it was cool to be able to hear Ben sing during the first encore...
Some people in the back had a big sign with the words "Ben U are the guitarist of our generation. Best regards for your buddy Jack". Ben appreciated and thanked the guys.

I have a special hello for the the cute girl with the black top that was just behind me (i was in the front row, middle-right), i hope she’ll recognise herself. At the beginning of the show, she "couldn’t believe she was there". It was nice to seen someone such happy. And after the end, she managed to get backstage pass. She was much more happy by Then ! And although i was jalous (of course), i was pleased because i haven’t seen someone that happy for years. Thanks Ben for her.

I hope someone managed to enter the Arena with a tape recorder (i enter with my photo camera). I’d really like to have a copy of it !

Thanks again to Ben and the Innocent Criminals. You guys rock !
See you soon !

from France

(review posted on forum)

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