Herbie Hancock @ Jazz à Vienne, Vienne (France)

by Yome NetSan lundi 30 juin 2008

1. Introduction 3:29
2. Actual Proof 14:00
3. River 7:49
4. All I Want 5:56
5. When Love Comes to Town 8:53
6. Bass Intro 4:57
7. Maiden Voyage 15:15
8. A Song for You 8:19
9. Virgin Forest 11:21
10. Cantaloupe Island 16:35
11. Chameleon I 19:54
12. Chameleon II 10:14

Broadcast: Mezzo, live (complete concert)
Lineage: TV Sat > SkyStar2 > DVB Dream > PVAstrumento > TMPGEnc Plus > TMPGEnc Authoring Video: DVD PAL MPEG-2 720x576 25 i/s CBR 4200 kbps
Audio: 48000 Hz 384 Kb/s Stereo)
Taper: Cosmikd

Herbie Hancock (piano, keyboards)
Chris Potter (tenor sax)
Dave Holland (double bass, el. bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)
Lionel Loueke (guitar, vocal)
Sonya Kitchell (vocal)
Amy Keys (vocal)

(Herbie Hancock DVD Download)

Begun with a bang with a song of the Head Hunters (jazz/funk).
Then 2 or 3 songs from "River" and "Possibilities" with the 2 singers. Great voices but more pop than jazz.
Then a great bass solo, followed by a quiet Herbie piano solo.
Good but overall much too long and "free". No real theme, just improvisation for what seemed to last 10 to 15 minutes. Some people even left at that moment and the other sure looked bored. The band came back for another jazz/funk song that awake everybody, then a guitar solo. The guitarist was very good but it felt just like the Herbie’s solo : too long and too "free". The singers came back one last time for a pop/rock song ("A Song for You" sung by Christina Aguilera on the CD) and "When Love Comes to Town" was very rocky and really great. Loved the way the girls sung and the raging guitar solo too.
The band finished the show with jazz/funk with a lot of improvisation, but then again, a bit too much.
I love improvisation, but when it has to go somewhere. With this show, it felt just like random notes without a goal. The drumer even felt to loose the track and stop playing at times. The crowd sure felt that too because before the encore, I think half of it left the theatre ! Seeing the empty seats, I thought they’d never come back for an encore but they did. A lot of people came to stood in front of the stage. The feeling was far better, more "live" with people dancing a bit and a lot taking pictures.
Herbie was playing a guitar-like electric piano and was in the middle of the stage, jaming with each member of the band.

Overall a good evening but with boring times during Herbie’s set.
I think it’s a shame that "big" artists are less impressive than oppeners. Ok that’s only 2 shows out of 8 (don’t know how i’ll managed to stay alive by the way) but i’ll see tonight.
I guess openers comes unknown and have everything to prove. So they play like it’s the last time and makes a great impression on the public.
Headling acts on the contrary have nothing to proove so they do just the basic or maybe they think "whaterver I play, I’m a legend, they’ll like it".
I hope I’m wrong and that following concerts will be better.

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